Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Grilled pita sadwich with sauteed spinach and potatoes

Pita bread is one of my favorite flat breads. I try to have it in the freezer most of the time to put together an easy sandwich.After trying out Meena's Aloo palak for the tried & tasted event, I wanted to use that as a filling for pita sandwich. Here's the recipe for a quick grilled pita sandwich:


1 whole wheat pita bread - sliced into 2 halves
1 tbs Hummus(I had roasted red pepper hummus)
2 tbs shredded cheese (pepper jack or cheddar)
1 cup sauteed Spinach with Potatoes(Recipe


1.Take one half of the pita bread and spread one side with hummus.
2. Spread the cheese on top of the hummus and fill with spinach and potato mixture.
3.Keep it in a panini grill and let it cook until the cheese melts.
4. Serve warm with any spicy sauce. (I used Masala ketchup)

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