Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cafe Flora - A great eat out for Seattle Vegeterians and Vegans

Life has been busy for the past 5~6 months with school/work and kids. We lived on a strict schedule and any deviation from it caused setbacks that were hard to deal with.And as a family we didn't get to go out to a good restaurant in a long while. Now that the exams are over and we have some breathing room we decided to enjoy the holiday season by trying out some new vegeterian friendly restaurants in Seattle.

First on our list was Cafe Flora. It is a cute little restaurant in Seattle that serves the growing Vegeterian/Vegan community here. We loved the atmosphere and the open space. The environment was calm and mellowing yet had some vibrance to it. We decided to try out the QUESADILLA VERDE for starter.

It was nothing like the quesadilla you have in mind. It was mildly sweet and delicate with roasted yams,pumpkin seed cilantro scallion spread and pepper jack cheese.

And for the main course we tried the FORAGED CHANTERELLE PIZZA and FALL PUMPKIN PIZZA. The Chanterelle mushrooms were locally foraged . The pizza also had Crimini mushrooms, Kale,basil cashew cheese, roasted Delicata squash and gremolata.

The pizza was delicious and it took us only a few mins to finish all pieces. Then we tried the Fall Pumpin pizza. It had Creamy pumpkin pesto, Gruyere Cheese, sherried apples, chili pecans, and fried sage. The taste was divine. I couldn't take a picture of that pizza as it was all gone by the time I took my camera out.

We also had vegan chocolate cake for dessert. With our appetite deliciously satisfied our hearts were light. We came out of the restaurant with a happy feeling. It was a great holiday evening with family and it will stay in our memory forever.

If you live in the Northwest area, you must visit this place and enjoy the vegeterian delights as we did.